The losing battle against corruption: why open data is important for Africa

In this article Irene Ikomu discusses how transparency through open data has the potential to eradicate corruption in Africa, but in order for that to happen the whole continent has to buy in.

Open Government fellow Irene Ikomu joins a panel of experts discussing Understanding Data Demand at the Africa Open Data Conference in Dar Es Salaam. Photo from original post: Stephen Abbott Pugh/Code for Africa

So why is it important for African governments to open up data?

And in this case, data that is not simply public, but that has been published in a manner that makes it easy to access and easy to compare and connect with other information?

While the economic impacts of releasing and re-using public sector information and open data have been on the forefront of arguments for opening government data, its potential to contribute to reduced levels of corruption is what I want to focus on…