How Do You Start Mapping Unmapped Streets?

Beata Felix Rutabingwa, a World Bank consultant, captures street photos on a motorcycle in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Originally posted by Beata Felix Rutabingwa on

Nadia Whitehead of National Public Radio (NPR) highlights the value of the work the World Bank conducts in Tanzania through the Open Data for Resilience Initiative. In an article that focuses on our mapping project that uses volunteers and SmartPhone technology to map the streets of Dar Es Salaam, Whitehead says:

The root cause of this flooding is lack of infrastructure like adequate drainage systems, according to Solem and World Bank consultant Mark Iliffe.

Maps of the city detailing roads, homes, streams, drains and other features could help by becoming the first step in adequate city planning.

She also links back to a guest post about the initiative on the Mapillary blog written by the World Bank’s own Beata Felix Rutabingwa in December 2015.